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& this is my delusional world...
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30 days anime challenge - Day 13 
13 07 13

30 days anime challenge

Day 13 - Cosplay of your 'waifu' or 'husbando'


well, actually i don't see him as my "husbando" ~ :"> 'coz my official husband would be my first love ever Hotohori-sama :">
however ~ Hoto-sama's not very popular; thus, there are not many cosplay pics of him ~ and well, thb they're not good ~ :<

so i had chose to put Sess-sama here x"D
and it's ok you know ~ 'coz well, he's my crush after all ~ and i really do love him in a way similar to that of my "would-be-husband" :">

and this is because i just can't resist Kakyou-sama ~~ :">
this cosplay is quite good, to me :">

actually, i don't wanna cheat and put 2 pics here but i chose to do so 'coz i want it to be fair :)
like i said i love my 3 samas dearly and equally and having to choose only one is hard ~
anothing is that, well, both Sess-sama and Kakyou-sama had already have someone they love ~ and well, i wholeheartedly ship them hard, so if they become my "husbando" ~ that'd be bad ~ so to be fair, i put both of them here and for this time only ~ considered them as my "husbando" :"D
however ~ none of them is really my "husbando" ~ honestly ~ they're just my very beloved samas <3

PS: return after 1 year and 1 month =)) i will pick up this challenge and try to finish it this time for sure lol

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