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& this is my delusional world...
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KuroFye <3
30 days anime challenge

Day 12 - An ecchi picture from your favorite series

for what :-ss
well, i refused to ~ so i'm gonna change the question to "favourite ecchi series"

since this is the only anime i've seen that has "ecchi" in its genres ~~
and since i dont wanna leave this entry blank again ~
so yeah ~ i'm gonna put Chobits here ~

it's CLAMP's work after all ~ so yeah, kinda have a deep meaning, despite the "ecchi" part xD
besides, i kinda like Chii ~ esp Freya ~ and heh, the SA cp in here is cute :">

and that's it for today lol
lil puppy
30 days anime challenge

Day 11 - Favorite mech series

since i have no interest in this kind of genre  ~ so no answer for today ~
sorry but i couldn't help it lol
30 days anime challenge

Day 10 - Favorite slice of life anime

tbh, i didn't know what "slice of life" mean :-ss well, i understood the meaning but well, couldnt quite get what it mean lol like, what could be in a anime to make it a "slice of life" genre?
at first i had thought that it somehow school-related, so i figured CCS or OKHC would be it ~
but then i checked Myanimelist...and well, none of the above is in that genre ~
kinda surprised lol

anw, i checked my list again, and finally got the 2 animes in this genre ~ Paradise Kiss and Honey&Clover ~
tbh i dont find any of them great or anything ^^ but well, if i had to choose b/w them, i'd say Honey&Clover is better ^^

and well, since i don't have much interest in this anime, and i watched it a long time ago, so yeah, dont have much to say abt it lol
but i remember i kinda liked the "senpai" character ~ well, forget his name =)) but he's kinda crazy and heh, idk why but i liked him more than the rest =))

and that's it for this entry =))
30 days anime challenge

Day 9 - Saddest anime scene

“Boku wa, anata wo…”Collapse )

actually, i did consider other scene before this, but in the end, this left the deepest impression on me :)
so yeah, that's it for today ~ sorry for the many pics but i just wanna show you clearly ~~~~

PS: to those who haven't read or watch this ~~~ please do ~~~~~~~~~~ and you'd understand all my feelings >___<
30 days anime challenge

Day 8 - Most epic scene ever

Read more...Collapse )

so yeah, that's it for today xD

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